Magic Window Images

These windows are made using a picture that you take in your home and in your own time, I then work some magic on it and they can then be used as Christmas cards or printed and framed, kept for you or shared on Facebook, the choice is yours. The best thing is, you don’t have to live anywhere near me, or even in the same country as long as you can take a picture on a camera or a phone and email it to me I can do the rest!

If you are questioning whether your window will work or if it is pretty enough, if the handles are going to be tricky or if your windowsill is too grubby, this is an example of an image that I have recently worked with.

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It wasn’t even taken in front of the window, just with the light coming from behind. I can then use the picture of your child and move it into the design you choose.

The most important things are natural light, a neutral (preferably white and flat) area that the child/children are sat on and that they are not leaning on anything (if possible). A windowsill works best but isn’t absolutely necessary if you don’t have one you can use.

I will chat to you throughout to make sure we get the best picture for me to use and so that you are happy with the finished image.

Please contact me to order and I can help you get the best photo and together we can create the perfect window scene. Xx






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