Mummy and Me

The aim of these sessions is to capture some beautiful cuddles between Mummy and baby, lots of love, cherished moments and happiness. Whether those cuddles involve some milky love too is up to you.

As a Mummy of 3 small people I know how magical the bond can be between Mummy and baby.
Breastfeeding is something to be celebrated whether you have managed 1 feed or 1 year of feeds, 3 weeks or 3 years. Everyone and every baby is different and every journey is one to be remembered.


The aim of these sessions is to get a selection of beautiful images that you can treasure, look back on and remember it like it was yesterday.

I will come to you, we will sit where you feel comfortable (lounge, bedroom, nursery etc) and have a chat, cup of tea if you feel like it, maybe a biscuit or slice of cake, baby/s can have a feed and a cuddle and I will take some pictures. After I will edit and upload the images so that you can view and download them and have a wonderful record of your journey together.

These sessions and the images captured are what was used for the Dorset Healthcare breastfeeding posters perfect memories captured in the comfort of your own home.

*images will be a mix of nursing and cuddles if baby isn’t wanting to feed much or if you just want cuddle pictures.